If you have heard about germs, also familiarly known as "bugs," you are halfway there. Germs may not be real bugs (insects), but germs are real enough. Bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. They can produce everything from a sore throat to the Aztec two-step to athlete's foot to pneumonia to a big, bad boil to - you name it. And all guaranteed to give you a big headache. You know the drill. You've been there. Right?

So then, what to do about it? Enter GlitterBug. A clever invention that not only helps you to visualize where the germs lurk, but even better how to avoid germs. Think proper hand hygiene. Why emphasize the hands? Because, as the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) so brilliantly put it, "Handwashing is the single most important means for preventing the spread of infections."

So how does GlitterBug get into the game? Simple. GlitterBug Potion is basically hand lotion which has been jazzed up with a UV fluorescent glow. The results may surprise you as you may discover residual glowing in places where germs love to lurk. Like around fingernails and in other cracks and crevices.

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